"At Kinetics we don't just sell to our customers or buy from our suppliers, we partner with them to bring value into every aspect of our business relationships. Our job is to work for the success of others."

-- Brent Usrey, Vice President of Partner Relations

Our Start

Kinetics Inc was founded in the spring of 1998 with the purpose of bringing together a team of Enterprise Application Integration (a.k.a. Master Data Management) specialist. Our first engagement was with Michaels Stores, a major specialty retailer based in Irving, Texas. and we were tasked with building a scalable framework for interfacing the Retek ERP (now Oracle Retail) pricing and promotion master data to the in-store processors.

From that beginning and throughout our 15 year history we have kept to our core competencies, retaining our identity as a cohesive team of focused professionals, all the while expanding our service offerings to meet client need.

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Operational Analytics

Case Study: Comcast

Comcast had a goal to roll out universal caller id to all of their triple play customers - which are customers with combined broadband, digital cable, and telephone services.

Many factors contributed to the complexity of accomplishing this goal, and through our partnership network Kinetics was brought in to design and build a rules based system to identify and mediate problems in the provisioning process through syslog analytics.

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Case Study: The Planet / Softlayer

In 2006 The Planet merged with EV1 to form the largest privately held hosting company in the U.S. They found themselves with disparate operational systems and lacked the ability to effectively manage the combined operations.

In 2007 they brought in Kinetics to design and build a single platform that would consolidate reporting and analytics for the two disparate systems.

In 2010 The Planet merged with Softlayer and all companies where combined under the Softlayer name.

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Service Provider Network Optimization Analysis

Imagine the amount of data generated by a cellular service provider network. Or that from a nationwide wireless access network. Or perhaps even the volume of data that would come from the largest devices that form the backbone of the Internet.

We welcome you to the world of Big Data!

Through our partnership network, Kinetics provides network syslog analytics and infrastructure services to one of the world's largest manufacturer of networking and communication devices.

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Digital Marketing and Branding

For a select group of specialty retailers and fashion merchandisers, Kinetics provides the analytics platform and support for a campaign management system that fully integrates marketing efforts with sales results.

By correlation of campaign events to the merchandise hierarchy and extensible vendor attributes to the sales data, each campaign is able to track and measure ROI.

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International Trade and Supply Chain Logistics

Case Study: UPS

As UPS expanded into global markets, they acquired Fritz Companies in 2001 for their expertise in Customs Brokerage and Inbound Logistics.

The legacy operational systems in Fritz were replaced by Vastera TradeSphere and Kinetics was brought in to implement a message oriented framework for interfacing the new application to upstream and downstream systems within UPS.

Kinetics provided thought leadership and technical resources in architecting, building, and managing the customer facing Import Logistics, Purchase Order Management, and Brokerage Data Warehouse within UPS Flex Global View.

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Braumiller Schultz, LLP

As a leader in Global Trade Compliance, Braumiller Schultz partners with Kinetics to provide advanced analytics services on U.S. Census trade data to many of the top importing and exporting companies in the U.S.

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IATA / ICAO Training

Kinetics provides compliance training and audits in accordance with international transportation laws and regulations.

We can be found in the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Aviation Training Directory and School Listing

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Retail ERP Implementation, Integration, Testing, and Training

With our seasoned team of Retek / Oracle Retail Specialists, Kinetics has launched the development of hosted application software for Retail ERP Application Testing and Training.

We are currently looking for new partners to assist us in building out the inventory of over 3000 test cases covering every aspect of a Retail ERP implementation. Please contact us for a demo.

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Our Brands


Everything eventually leads back to the data center. At Kinetics we opened our first data center in October 2000 and began offering dedicated private hosting to better serve our clients. In 2009 we started moving into virtualization, and today we have a blended approach depending on application performance and security requirements.

While still maintaining a virtualized management layer, many of our clients require the additional security of dedicated hardware and networking. IT Managers and Executives are finding that with the typical multi-tenant virtual hosting companies there are risks of security between virtual machines deployed on the same physical hardware.

Which has led to the question: How can you maintain IT Governance and Policy as extended to an environment in which the nefarious activities of a neighboring VM on the underlying shared hardware that your application resides on could potentially result in the entire server being seized?

At Kinetics, by creating customer specific isolation zones of hardware and networking we act as a true extension of your datacenter - merely an expansion of existing policy - while meeting your additional capacity needs.

Please visit us at www.kihost.com

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Axiomize - "a systematic method for revealing reality and making it actionable."

Axioms are the starting points of reason from which conclusions are logically derived. As classically conceived, axioms are taken to be self-evident and accepted as truth without controversy - they are the premises that form the building blocks of logical structure and the constructs underlying the boundary of analytical thought.

From this thought base, we have developed a framework and a methodology for asking questions and verifying answers.

The application stack is built around the best of breed open source software, including the Greenplum columnar database, the Saiku implementation of Mondrian Cubes, Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle), Hbase - the Hadoop database, and The R Project for Statistical Computing.

Please visit us at www.axiomize.com

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